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Best Seller Swedish Massage, Cupping Therapy and Spa Techniques Masterclass

Date of next class: April 12th


Objectives: Through this course you will learn to apply basic and advanced techniques of relaxing anti-stress massage, cupping and Spa Techniques, considering hygiene requirements, ethics and professional posture and understanding the context, its concepts, its operation and its effects in order to provide health, balance, relaxation and well-being to customers.


Program content:

➔ Health and Safety;

➔ Indications and Contraindications;

➔ Anatomy of Muscles;

➔ Skeleton Anatomy;

➔ Massage Components;

➔ Stretching technique;

➔ Massage Movements;

➔ Customer Profile and Lifestyle;

➔ Massage counter-actions;

➔ Swedish Massage Technique;

➔ Candle Massage Technique;

➔ Spa technique;

➔ Mechanical Rotary Massage;

➔ Infrared light;

➔ Consultation Card;

➔ Customer Service;

➔ Cupping therapy.


Qualification: With good performance, at the end of the course you will receive the ER Beauty Training Certificate accredited by ABT (Associated Beauty Therapists) with a 10% discount voucher on your insurance.


Career Plans: After obtaining this skill, you can work in beauty clinics, beauty salons, at your home or at clients' homes, spas, cruise ships, gyms, planes, beaches, hotels, schools, offices, etc. .


Certification: When you successfully complete your Swedish Massage Course, you will receive the ER Beauty Training Certificate. This not only demonstrates your commitment to your professional training, but also allows you to obtain Civil Liability Insurance so that you can start offering treatments to paying clients.


Prerequisites: None


Note: We do not offer NVQ assessments (Level).

Best Seller Swedish Massage, Cupping Therapy and Spa Techniques Masterclass

£500.00 Regular Price
£442.00Sale Price

For your registration to be carried out, after paying for the course, you must fill out the SUBSCRIPTION ONLINE form and agree with the TERMS AND CONDITIONS.

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