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Korean Acupuncture


Korean Hand Acupuncture (without needles) performs the stimuli manually, pressing with fingers or with some object with a pen-like tip, at the indicated points. The results are really spectacular!

Currently, it has been widely used by people in the treatment of a number of ailments, with really impressive results. Some examples are: thrombosis, rheumatism, back pain, gastrointestinal problems, among others.

Pressures made manually are responsible for stimulating the points connected to the most important organs of the human body, and these stimuli help to channel and make the energy that circulates through the body flow.

Therefore, one of the main advantages of the technique is that it does not use needles, which makes it less invasive and less painful. But the technique also has the advantage of restoring the energy balance of the human body.

Very simple and easy to practice, it enriches the therapy as well as being used in self-treatment.

Performance in the job market: After obtaining this skill you will be able to work in clinics, at your home or at the clients' homes, spas, hotels, cruises, etc.

Tutor: @acupuntura_brunaserrano

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