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At ER Beauty we hope that all our students will find their training with us both rewarding and enjoyable.
To ensure that all students are given the best opportunity possible to learn the following guidelines must be adhered to:

  • The use of mobile phones is strictly prohibited. All phones must be switched off during the training course.

  • Students must arrive 15 minutes before the start of the course, if students are more than 10 minutes late, they will not be allowed to join the class and will lose their fees.

  • Treat each other and your Tutor with respect, any form of racism or disruptive behavior will not be tolerated. Please refrain from the use of bad language.

  • Adequate time will be allowed for lunch - Please bring a light snack with you.

  • Smoking and chewing gum is not allowed in the training room.

  • Please do not distract others by discussing matters not relating to the training course.

  • Students must bring their own clean towels to each course, if you forget to do so you may rent a towel for £5.00.

  • Should you need to cancel or rearrange your course you must give 48 hours’ notice. If it is an emergency and you are unable to give 48 hours’ notice you must provide proof such as a doctor’s letter etc, otherwise you will have to pay for the course again.

  • Students must be well presented on course days; a tunic is preferred however plain black top 
    and black trousers or leggings is acceptable for those who do not own a tunic. No high heeled shoes or jeans allowed. No jewelry or long nails accepted.

  • ER Beauty is not responsible for loss or damage to student’s personal property and possessions.

  • Please note all genders and religions are welcome at ER beauty and will need to receive as well as practice treatments from other genders and religions.

  • ER Beauty reserves the right to terminate the training of any student behaving in a disruptive manner. Course fees will not be refunded after student’s attendance of the course. If you cannot attend your course due to illness, alternative dates will only be arranged if the sickness is substantiated by a doctor’s note.

  • I certify that this task / report is my own work, based on my study and / or research and that I recognized all the material and sources used in its preparation, be it practical classes, books, articles, reports, class notes, and any other type of document, electronic or personal

communication me too certify that this task / report has not been previously sent to evaluation in any other unit, unless specific permission has been granted of all the coordinators of the ER Beauty Training and unit involved, or at any other time in this unit, and that I have not copied in part or in whole or plagiarized the work of others students and / or teachers. I am also aware that this diploma does not allow me to teach the techniques

Types of courses
Diploma: At ER Beauty Training you will be required to attend school and display enough knowledge and skill to enable you to receive a Diploma. A Diploma will allow you to work from home or as a mobile therapist (we don't offer NVQ assessments), however it is your responsibility as the student to check what your local boroughs requirements are for working from home, in a salon or as a mobile therapist. Also, if you
are doing online courses you need to check with your local council in UK or in another country if they accept certificates from online courses.

Booking and Payment
All courses are paid in advance, however course fees above £500 can be paid in 3 installments at least one week before the start of the course.
ER Beauty reserves the right to alter or change details, prices and dates of the courses at the school.

Payment Method
Courses can be paid via Bank Transfer and this must be done one week prior your course.
Privacy Policy: Please note for your security we do not store any financial details following payment. All personal information (Name, address, phone number) is filed and stored in-line with the Data Protection Act and is never shared with anyone else.

How to cancel the course you are booked on
Any cancellation must be in writing and within 7 days of booking the course and a minimum of 7 days before the course start date. If a booking is cancelled after the 7 days, less than 7 days before or we do not receive written confirmation all deposits will be lost as fees are non-refundable and non- transferable.
One, Two and Three day courses: If you need to cancel and give 14 days notice you will receive 50% of course payment.

Withdrawing from a commenced course
If you need to withdraw from a course for any reason once it has commenced you will NOT receive any refund. You may be able to attend the next scheduled programme which may be subject to additional costs based on the reason for your withdrawal.

Cancellation or amendments of training by us
In the unlikely event that we need to defer training, this includes tutor illness, bad weather or insufficient numbers we will offer you a place on the following scheduled training date/s, fees may be able to transfer to another programme or a refund will be arranged for you.
Our courses are planned months in advance and although we strive to offer the training as scheduled sometimes changes are necessary. ER Beauty reserves the right to amend details of training within reason including training times, venues and tutors. ER Beauty is not liable for travel, accommodation, childcare or potential income loses.

What do course costs include?
Course costs include all the necessary materials to ensure you receive excellence in training. Unless otherwise stated costs include: Course literature, materials, tuition fees, registration costs, assessment, marking.  It does NOT include: Kit costs, equipment, products, travel/accommodation expenses or food.


It is your responsibility to check if your insurers will accept the pending qualification to your existing cover before booking a course. If this is your first qualification in therapies/beauty, it is advisable to take out student cover from a reputable provider such as: Westminster, Salon Insurance 4U, Westminster, Professional Beauty, Insync, The Guild of Beauty Therapist etc.
For some insurance companies it might be required level 3 for microneedling/laser course.

Certificates are awarded at the end of a course or after case studies/assignments have been checked by the tutor. Students must have demonstrated the level of competence required to achieve certification.
Any student who fails to meet the required standard after the completion of a course including assignments and case studies will be invited back to re-take the course at an additional cost.

Health and Safety 
Participants are required to inform the ER Beauty of any medical condition when completing the application form. Some therapies are physically demanding; therefore, it is vital that your health and fitness is of an acceptable standard to perform therapies.  By agreeing to these terms and conditions you are stating you are medically fit to perform and receive the therapy you have chosen to learn. If
your tutor deems it a health and safety risk for you to continue on a programme you will forfeit all course fees. If you are in doubt, please contact us prior to enrolling onto any programme.

Course Times 
Most courses run from 10am-5pm aprox. unless stated. Please arrive at 9.45 ensuring you meet the required standard of dress and appearance. Participants who arrive more than 10 minutes after the course has started may not be allowed to join the class and will forfeit course fees.

N.B. Please note ER Beauty is a private training provider, although classes do not run on bank holidays they may be scheduled to run within school holidays so please check and plan before enrolling and committing to a course.

GDPR compliance statement
ER Beauty Training respects and complies with the EU General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

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