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Auriculotherapy + Ear Bleending

£ 190

Auriculotherapy is an Oriental Medicine technique that enables the treatment of pathologies with the stimulation of points in the Auricular Pavilion [ear].

Ear Bleending is a treatment technique used since ancient times to eliminate the accumulation of pathogenic heat, excess or stagnation of IQ (energy) or Xue (blood). The method is widely used in cases of high fever, convulsions and pain such as headache, sore throat, sciatica and muscle, blurred vision due to increased liver Yang, pain and inflammation of the conjunctiva of the eyes, constipation and dermatitis (caused by by lung and large intestine heat).

The course aims to present the theoretical and practical foundations of the technique to act in the protection, prevention, recovery and rehabilitation of different types of diseases, including: depression, anxiety, rhinitis, migraine, insomnia, obesity, pain in general, inflammation and a lot more.

The Auriculotherapy technique can treat more than 200 types of diseases.

Auriculotherapy is a method that is characterized by its ease of execution, good acceptance and great efficacy.

There will be 2 days of theoretical/practical training online and live, which will be carried out through the ZOOM platform.

The course will be taught in partnership with Master @acupuntura_brunaserrano

➜ A great opportunity to reinvent yourself, acquire new skills and knowledge to add to your profession.
➜  English Certified Course (ABT ACCREDITATION)

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