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Cupping Therapy Course


A technique from Oriental medicine, which uses "cups" that produce a vacuum when contracted into the skin. The vacuum created by the suction cup on the skin promotes its suction. This is how muscle tissues are released and blood circulation is improved.


➜ Relax the muscles;

➜ Eliminate muscle tension;

➜ Stimulate acupuncture points;

➜ Improve tissue oxygenation;

➜ Aesthetics;

➜ Bring the feeling of well-being and relaxation to the patient;

➜ British Certificate.

The Cupping Therapy Course is ideal for professionals who seek to promote Health and Well-Being to their patients with more effective and lasting results.

Performance in the job market: After obtaining this skill you will be able to work in clinics, at your home or at the clients' homes, spas, hotels, cruises, etc.

Tutor: @acupuntura_brunaserrano

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