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Be a complete professional with our Advanced Facial Aesthetics Course

Combo: Skin Cleansing, Facial Massage, Chemical Peeling, Microneedling, Electrotherapy and Facial Drainage


Highlights: Facial aesthetics professionals help promote the health and beauty of their clients' skin, always respecting their sensitivity and limits.

With the Advanced Facial Aesthetics Course you will learn different techniques, tips and treatments to qualify or update your knowledge in this great area of ​​beauty.


Differentials: Facial aesthetics are being increasingly sought after by both women and men. The area of ​​aesthetics is growing every day, which is why it is so important to be up to date on the latest trends and treatments.


Program content:

➜ Skin Anatomy, Physiology;

➜ Skin types, conditions;

➜ Skin Diagnosis;

➜ Functions of the skin;

➜ Skin Aging;

➜ Diseases and Disorders of the Skin;

➜ Types of Acne, Treatment;

➜ Stains, Melasmas, Rosacea;

➜ Deep face cleaning;

➜ Deep Hydration;

➜ Facial Rejuvenation;

➜ Facial Massage;

➜ Lymphatic Drainage Pre + Post Surgery;

➜ Facial Electrotherapy;

➜ Diamond Peeling;

➜ Chemical Peeling;

➜ Ultrasonic Peeling;

➜ Microneedling;

➜ Consultation Card;

➜ Customer service.


Qualification: With good performance, at the end of the course you will receive the ER Beauty Training Certificate accredited by ABT (Associated Beauty Therapists) with a 10% discount voucher on your insurance.


Career Plan: After obtaining this skill, you will be able to work in medical or aesthetic clinics, beauty salons, at your home or at clients' homes, spas, cruises, gyms, planes, beaches, hotels, etc.


Certification: When you successfully complete your Course, you will receive the ER Beauty Training Certificate. This not only demonstrates your commitment to your professional training, but also allows you to obtain Civil Liability Insurance so that you can start offering treatments to paying clients.


Note: We do not offer NVQ assessments (Level).

Be a complete professional with our Advanced Facial Aesthetics Course

£1,148.00 Regular Price
£955.00Sale Price

1. We work with a limited number of spots. Therefore, we request that you confirm availability before making the payment.

2. To finalize your registration, after paying for the course, you must fill out the ONLINE INSCRIPTION form available on this website and agree to the TERMS AND CONDITIONS.

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