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Next class date: July 5th

This is a lip regeneration and hydration treatment that also addresses fine lines around the lips and the dreaded barcode wrinkles. This treatment is highly recommended for those who want to add life and natural volume to their lips. It can and should be used alongside lip micropigmentation.

This procedure is currently very popular, and it’s worth mentioning that every month, thousands of women seek professionals to improve the appearance of their lips.

The goal is to train professionals in the safe and scientifically based application of the Hydra Gloss Lips technique, combining the use of cosmetics to enhance the effect of the technique and ensure its safe execution.

☑️ All course materials included. Program content booklet will be sent by email.

☑️ British certificate, accredited by Abt (Associated Beauty Therapists UK) (we do not apply exams for NVQ level).

Our course is intensive and with truly exclusive classes where real practices combined with the full attention of your tutor ensure your learning, giving you the confidence to work with quality and stand out in the market.



⁃ What is it?

⁃ Hydra Gloss Lips vs. Lip Micropigmentation

⁃ Lip Structure

⁃ Lip Skin

⁃ Contraindications

⁃ Post-procedure Care

⁃ Interval between sessions

⁃ Dermapen cartridges

⁃ Procedure durability

⁃ Biosafety

⁃ Practical class

⁃ Marketing

Qualification: With good performance, at the end of the course you will receive the ER Beauty Training Certificate accredited by ABT (Associated Beauty Therapists) with a 10% discount voucher on your insurance.


Career Plan: After obtaining this skill, you will be able to work in medical or aesthetic clinics, beauty salons, at your home or at clients' homes, spas, cruises, gyms, planes, beaches, hotels, etc.


Certification: Upon successfully completing the Hydra Gloss Lips Course, you will receive the ER Beauty Training Certificate. This not only demonstrates your commitment to your professional training, but also allows you to obtain Civil Liability Insurance so that you can start offering treatments to paying clients.


Prerequisites: None


Note: We do not offer NVQ assessments (Level).

Best Seller Hydra Gloss or BBlips

£499.00 Regular Price
£413.00Sale Price

1. We work with a limited number of spots. Therefore, we request that you confirm availability before making the payment.

2. To finalize your registration, after paying for the course, you must fill out the ONLINE INSCRIPTION form available on this website and agree to the TERMS AND CONDITIONS.

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