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Best Seller Massage course with Hot Stones and Crystals

Date of next class: April 21th


Objectives: Hot stone massage is one of the most requested techniques by clients around the world.It consists of a massage using heated basalt stones throughout the body, helping to relax and relieve pain and stress accumulated from everyday life. First, an oil massage is performed and then the massage therapist also performs a gentle massage using heated stones, which can be slid over the patient's body and then left to rest for a few minutes at specific energy points on the body.We can mention the benefits of hot stone massage as relieving tension, combating hyperactivity and a feeling of pleasure from the heat that few therapies achieve.It is essential to know the benefits of this massage so that we can use it more and more in our routine.In our course you will find the step-by-step instructions to be successful in practicing it, in addition to guaranteeing a BRITISH CERTIFICATION, which adds a lot of value to your professional CV.


Qualification: With good performance, at the end of the course you will receive the ER Beauty Training Certificate accredited by ABT (Associated Beauty Therapists) with a 10% discount voucher on your insurance.


Career Plans: After obtaining this skill, you can work in beauty clinics, beauty salons, at your home or at clients' homes, spas, cruise ships, gyms, planes, beaches, hotels, schools, offices, etc. .


Certification: When you successfully complete your Massage course with hot Stones and Crystals, you will receive the ER Beauty Training Certificate. This not only demonstrates your commitment to your professional training, but also allows you to obtain Civil Liability Insurance so that you can start offering treatments to paying clients.


Prerequisites: None


Note: We do not offer NVQ assessments (Level).

Best Seller Massage course with hot Stones and Crystals

£599.00 Regular Price
£411.00Sale Price

For your registration to be carried out, after paying for the course, you must fill out the SUBSCRIPTION ONLINE form and agree with the TERMS AND CONDITIONS.

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