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Become an expert in Classical Lymphatic Drainage and Postoperative Care

Date of next class: July 14th


One of the best known and sought after aesthetic procedures is, without a doubt, Manual Lymphatic Drainage.


Highlights: In the Lymphatic Drainage course you will learn several important techniques such as the Classic Body Manual Lymphatic Drainage,  and post-operative care.


In this course we will approach theory and practice, aiming at the formation of highly qualified professionals for the job market.


Differentials: In addition to learning classic drainage for fluid retention, you will also learn how to perform drainage to be successful in the treatment of cellulite, localized fat, lymphedema (swelling)  and all post-operative care.


Program content:

➔ Health, Safety and Hygiene at Work;

➔ Anatomy and Physiology of the Lymphatic System;

➔ Physiological Effects of Drainage on the Body;

➔ Diseases and Disorders of the Lymphatic System;

➔ Indications and Contraindications;

➔ Drainage progress;

➔ Professional resources;

➔ Manual Lymphatic Drainage Sequence;

➔ Post-operative care;

➔ Post-treatment recommendations;

➔ Body Anamnesis Form.


Qualification: With good performance, at the end of the course you will receive the ER Beauty Training Certificate accredited by ABT (Associated Beauty Therapists) with a 10% discount voucher on your insurance.


Career Plan: After obtaining this skill, you will be able to work in medical or aesthetic clinics, beauty salons, at your home or at clients' homes, spas, cruises, gyms, planes, beaches, hotels, etc.


Certification: Upon successful completion of the Manual Lymphatic Drainage Course, you will receive the ER Beauty Training Certificate. This not only demonstrates your commitment to your professional training, but also allows you to obtain Civil Liability Insurance so that you can start offering treatments to paying clients.


Prerequisite: having taken the Swedish massage course.


Note: We do not offer NVQ assessments (Level).

Become an expert in Classic Lymphatic Drainage and Postoperative Care

£1,000.00 Regular Price
£955.00Sale Price

1. We work with a limited number of spots. Therefore, we request that you confirm availability before making the payment.

2. To finalize your registration, after paying for the course, you must fill out the ONLINE INSCRIPTION form available on this website and agree to the TERMS AND CONDITIONS.

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