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Ear Bleending Course


Ear Bleending is a treatment technique used since ancient times to eliminate the accumulation of pathogenic heat, excess or stagnation of IQ (energy) or Xue (blood). The method is widely used in cases of high fever, convulsions and pain such as headache, neck pain, sciatica and muscle pain, blurred vision due to the rise of the liver Yang, pain and inflammation of the conjunctiva of the eyes, constipation and dermatitis (caused by heat of the lung and large intestine).

➜ Occupational Health and Safety;
➜ History of Bleeding;
➜ How to apply and main points;
➜ Indications and Contraindications;
➜ Consultation form;

Prerequisites: Auriculotherapy Course Required.

Performance in the job market: After obtaining this skill you will be able to work in clinics, at your home or at the clients' homes, spas, hotels, cruises, etc.

Tutor: @acupuntura_brunaserrano

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